Top Dubai Jobs Seeker mistakes in 2017

Top Dubai Jobs Seeker mistakes in 2016
Top Dubai Jobs Seeker mistakes in 2016

Top Dubai Jobs Seeker mistakes in 2017

Dubai Jobs seeker mistakes of 2016
Dubai Jobs seeker mistakes of 2016

Dubai Jobs Seeker mistakes while job hunting in Dubai is the reason behind not getting dream job. Let me tell you top Deadly job seekers mistakes in Dubai which enables all job hunters to get no job.
Dubai is the place which provides most luxury life to its resident due to its charming and beautiful lifestyle Dubai has become the magnet for every professional, skilled and technical person. Due to its lifestyle percentage of Dubai job seekers is increasing day by day. Total population of Dubai comprise of more than 70 % of foreign residents. People like me come to Dubai only for two reason one for job hunting and other reason is Tourism. Business in Dubai is at boom and thousands of jobs are arising daily.

How job seeker in Dubai can live legally.

Dubai provides much better living standard than many other countries. No one can live here legally until he or she get a resident visa. only way to get resident visa in Dubai is to secure a job in Dubai. Dubai job seeker mistakes enable them to not get a good job otherwise people secures their job with good remuneration and better package.

I will tell one bad news and one good news for Dubai jobs seeker .

Bad news is you have only 1-3 month visa to find a suitable job. Dubai jobs seeker get a visit visa and come to Dubai . find jobs . only 4-5 % people get call from uae for jobs in Dubai otherwise there is no chance. if you receive call from UAE in your home country then you are the lucky person.
Good News: after reading this article if you follow my article then you can easily avoid Dubai Jobs seeker mistakes. Only reason to not getting a job in Dubai is doing a deadly mistakes in Dubai.

let me tell you one by one Dubai jobs seeker mistakes of 2016.

Mistake no.1

Lack of preparation on Visit Visa:

I have seen thousands of cases in my time span of Dubai that job seeker come to Dubai without planning. Remember you have only limited time to find Jobs in Dubai. Job seekers come to Dubai without preparing their cv/resume,cover letter, Initial search on companies , Lack of knowledge etc.

Dubai jobs seeker mistake is lack of preparation. you have only 1-3 month to find jobs in Dubai if waste your time in Dubai in making cv/resume, cover letter then you have wasted precious time. come with proper research on your target companies, prepare your cv , cover letter and initial work in your home country.

Read my Article for checklist you should check before coming to Dubai.

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Mistake no.2:

Bad Cv :

Dubai Jobs seekers mistakes of CV
Dubai Jobs seekers mistakes of CV

One of the Top Worst Dubai jobs seeker mistakes is Badly written cv. Dubai job seekers comes with badly written cv. Let me ask you a question first?
Will you buy a good product with spelling and grammatical error , false information and very bad design. ?
answer is absolute no. then how you will be selected if your cv has grammatical and spelling error. a bad design and format. things are written messy . important information is missing but cv is filled with all unimportant information.
Dubai jobs seeker mistakes are not only making badly written cv/resume but also cover letter. people are not even aware of cover letter and why it is used. Sending cv without cover letter decrease the chances of selecting a candidate
Only tool to impress the employer is cv and cover letter if you can impress your employer in 6 seconds through your cv the believe me you got your dream job in Dubai.

Read my Article on Cover letter and cv on below link.

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Send your CV for free Critical Analysis on [email protected]

other useful website for CV evaluation website:

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Mistakes no.3

Waiting for calls and no Follow up:

Let me tell you a scenario of common person in Dubai looking for job. You come to Dubai on 3 month visa . you have good cv and cover letter. you send it to man recruiters and companies. Now you are waiting for calls and you are not getting calls from employer.

You are now frustrated and disappointed . is int?
Now what to do now ?

Stress of dubai jobs seeker mistakes
Stress of dubai jobs seeker mistakes

another Dubai jobs seeker mistakes are not poor followup. hr and recruiters are getting thousands of cv and some times they missed your CV . remember human voice is most remembered thing in human life. Go to company reception and tell them you want to meet hr manager regarding value addition in your company. meet the hr manager in positive manner and ask for updates. the way of follow up in company are by emails direct to decision maker and hr of company. by calling hr in easy time and talk positively . or by visiting companies.
Remember many job seekers get their jobs only on the basis of follow up. if you meet their job criteria then do not shy to followup .

Mistake no.4

Not optimizing your profile:

Let me tell you quickly .

have you used job websites like  & and filled complete detail and not missed a single field ?
Have you made LinkedIn profile and complete profile ?
Have written your professional keyword in above profile ?

if answer is no then you will not get any jobs. chances of getting jobs is now decreased by 50 %. Trend of searching perfect candidates for hr person is changed now. go to all jobs website complete your profile and use professional keywords in you profile like finance professional, cost accountant, Purchase manager etc.
Now a days hr person go to jobs website or LinkedIn for example enter a keyword like cost accountant in search bar and select experience of 10 year. LinkedIn or other jobs website or portal gave them list of cost accountant with 10 year experience . if you used word cost accountant in your profile and your profile is complete then you will get a call from employer.
Never leave a single field in jobs website . complete your profile.

Mistake no. 5

Become Dependent on others ( Relatives also )

If you have sincere and loving relatives in Dubai then you are lucky person. I have seen many cases where relatives gives you false hopes and they never helps you or in some cases they are unable to help you due to many reason( tough job timing, lack of networking, etc).
If you became dependent on others then you have done a big mistakes. Believe in yourself you can find jobs by own. come out of room and find jobs . never trust on any one.

Mistake no. 6

Lack of networking:

in old time people apply online and get jobs now time has changed . many jobs are not advertised in newspaper or any jobs website they are filled with reference. if you have good reference then chances of getting jobs are more.
Dubai jobs seeker mistakes are that they apply online for jobs and do not make or expand their networking. now a days if you have good networking then you have more chances of getting jobs. tell in your network that you are looking for jobs do not shy. make new contacts on daily basis at the end they will give you some thing positive. Become as social as you can. join discussion group on LinkedIn and your attend conference of your professional bodies. you will be contacted by other person. Use your network.

Mistake no. 7

Waiting for miracle:

There is famous quote “God helps those who help them self ” . i have seen many people who wake up early and start praying . I believe in God. God helps people no doubt but if you are not doing effort and praying in front of god then only miracle can give you jobs. let me tell you another strategy. Do your maximum effort and apply on maximum places until your last hour of staying in Dubai comes and on the same time also pray in front of God . God will definitely help you. if you are skilled person , energetic and positive till last hour believe me Dubai will not let you go. I have seen many people in my circle who got jobs in his last day of Dubai. So keep trying.
These are the Dubai jobs seeker mistakes in 2016. you should try to avoid these mistakes.I wish you best of luck for your career. for more information email me at [email protected]