Many people are getting jobs through LinkedIn, Why aren’t you?!


Here is a ground rule, if you are a professional looking to be employed by anyone, you’ve got to have a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t, then you gotta catch up to 21st century!).

If you have a LinkedIn profile, then there is another problem… Maybe you had a thought like this one: “All of these jobs on LinkedIn and I cannot land one! LinkedIn is useless!”

First of all, no it’s not. LinkedIn is an amazing platform and tool, you just have to learn how to use it properly.

Second of all, You shouldn’t be using LinkedIn to land a job only. It’s a professional platform that allows you to connect with any other professional in the world.

You hear stories of people getting job offers and posting their “success stories” on LinkedIn..

You see those “viral posts” going all over LinkedIn with hundreds (if not thousands) of comments and Thousands (if not tens of thousands) of likes.

What is going on..? How do these people get noticed on LinkedIn?

As a Career Coach, I help my clients get these results and land job interviews in no time. Their LinkedIn profiles become like a magnet that attracts job offers and profile views!

Here is a success story of one of my clients talking about how she got reached out to through LinkedIn within 24 hours after I helped her fix her LinkedIn Profile

Also, Here is a screenshot of her announcing that she got a job on LinkedIn.

Three Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is Not Getting Noticed

Today, I want to tell you about the three reasons why your LinkedIn Profile is not getting noticed:

Reasons #1 You are connected to the wrong people!

This is a common one.. On LinkedIn, you can get connected to ANY person in almost ANY company in the world..

And that’s where most people go wrong, they literally connect to ANY person in ANY company in the world…

Instead, you need to be strategic about it. You need to have a certain goal in mind and build your network to reach that goal.


The most common example is people use LinkedIn to look for jobs (which is not the only reason you should be using LinkedIn anyway!).

The people who look for a job should be picky with who they connect with. In other words, when you send a connection request to someone, you need to have a plan in mind of what you need to say to this person.

Hint: This person accepting the profile request doesn’t mean anything if you don’t interact with this person and ADD VALUE TO THEM

Reasons #2: Your Profile is not Optimized!

People don’t pay much attention to this one, although they should!

When someone uses certain keywords and search terms to look for candidates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn looks for the profiles that is ranked very well according to the keywords being searched for.

Example: If you go now and search for “CFO” in the search box, you will find this:

Here are the first few results I got…

For you to rank for the keyword: “CFO”, you need to make sure it’s mentioned in your LinkedIn profile as many times as possible (without sounding unprofessional or robotic!)

Action Step: Decide on 2-3 keywords you want to optimize your profile for and then start looking for places to place them in your profile.

Reasons #3: You are not pro-active on LinkedIn

I live by a simple rule: Dig your well before you are thirsty.

This saying tells that you should not ask for a job from a stranger after months of not checking LinkedIn just because “it was not needed”.


Instead, you need to be on the platform on daily basis connecting with professionals and finding new professionals to help and serve. These relationships are the reasons you will get your profile found on LinkedIn and get yourself a job that is worth it!

In Summary

There are a lot of mistakes that people fall into when using LinkedIn and I only mentioned the three that affects the job hunting process.

Now, it’s your turn! Go ahead and tell me about your experience on LinkedIn. Do you use it to find jobs only or do you use it on more consistent basis?

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