Learn Modern Art of Job Search in easy Steps

Learn Modern Art of Job Search in easy Steps
Learn Modern Art of Job Search in easy Steps

Learn Modern Art of Job Search in easy Steps.

Are you looking for jobs and could not find jobs. Are you tired up of looking and searching for jobs?  There are chances that you finding jobs in wrong ways. Today job search has become art. Traditional ways of finding job search has been changed. Today I will tell you modern way of finding jobs in any market. It will also help a lot to job seekers who are looking for jobs in Middle East market like in Dubai or Gulf.

We are always taught about how to implement our knowledge or how to use our degree but our teachers does not tell on how to find jobs. They don’t tell art of finding job search. Don’t worry about it now.

Let’s Learn Modern Art of Job search in an easy way.

Imagine a scenario instead of spending many hours daily on jobs website and finding jobs if recruiters comes to you and ask you to work for them. This is the modern art of job search. Now you have to present yourself in such a way that recruiters is attracted by you.

Understand the state of Job Search Now a Days.

Studies have showed that 40% of workforce will become freelancer or outsourced to independent person by 2020. You should rethink about this point. When you work for someone you are partner in his business. You provide your services again and again to that business. You have to search over and over to find good jobs in market now and in coming year.

To find jobs now a days you have to market yourself. You have to sell yourself. You should market only those skills that recruiters are looking for. If you know how to market yourself in front of recruiters and you know how you can tell to recruiters that you can add values to their business then you are on right direction.

Steps of Attracting Recruiters for job Search

Understand the recruiters normal day working.

Recruiters are normal employees in the company. Their job is not so easy. Their job is not too easy. If you want to know how to market yourself in front of recruiters then you can easily drag any job towards yourself. Let me tell you about normal working day of recruiters or human resource personals.

art of job search with understanding of recruiters normal days
art of job search with understanding of recruiters normal days

On average recruiters get 200 cvs or resume for one job on daily basis. If they read every cv from A to Z then their job will not be completed at all. This is the reason recruiters skimmed cv. They spend on average 3 seconds for one cv to filter. Once they skimmed the cv’s then they see their requirement and skimmed cv. Remember they Recruiters did not give you job. They skimmed the cvs and then check the requirement with cvs . Only those cvs who met the requirement are being forwarded to Hiring Manager. They did not send those cv to hiring manager who did not meet the organization Requirement.

On average 200 per cvs are received and guess what out of 200 50 % of cvs did not meet the business requirement. Still they have 100 cvs to go through. Recruiters did not go to remaining 50 % of cv A to z . They used a technique called Keyword Searching. When they do search specific keyword in all cv’s with special keyword tracking system almost 90 % of applications are removed automatically. Remaining 10 % cv are gone through recruiters and they check the candidates with personality, aptitude. When they are done after filtering then they pass these cv to hiring manager.

Before going to learn art of job search you should know the mentality and working of recruiters. If you know these things then you know can search job better.

How Recruiters comes to you through LinkedIn

become visible infront of recruiters
become visible infront of recruiters

Traditional approach for hiring a candidate was posting a job and collect CV. Now a day’s modern technology is used by recruiters for job search. This strategy is called proactive approach. What recruiters do they have a premium account of LinkedIn which give them access of customized searches? They enter specific skills and keywords in searches and select area and enter for search . which gives them a beautiful list of candidates.  Recruiters contact these candidate and offer a good job. The person who have used good keyword and are active in his network are shown first in the recruiters searches. Result is you are contacted by the recruiters. You don’t need to do more job search.

How to optimize LinkedIn profile for job search for recruiters.

LinkedIn is the place which is used commonly by the recruiters. Your profile should be that profile which tells the complete story about you in maximum 6 second. How to make such optimized LinkedIn profile where recruiters contact you. I will go through top to bottom.


linkedin professional picture - Dubai Task
linkedin professional picture – Dubai Task

Your pictures should be inspiring, professional with proper pose. Don’t put your Facebook dp on LinkedIn.

Top Tag line:

LinkedIn Tagline is top words which tells the recruiters who you are. You should chose a set of keywords that will be shown in headline. Your headline does not include looking for job or looking for opportunity. It should be like An Accountancy & Finance Professional, Graphic designer Professional etc. Use Inspiring and professional tag line that tells something about you.


If I am a recruiters I will not read your LinkedIn summary when checking your profile. Summary should be unique and tells something very interesting about you. Remember if you are a project manager or professional in any field tells facts about your field and experience. Like if you are a project manager tells how many projects you have completed and how many projects you have worked for.

The main objective of LinkedIn profile is to come at top in recruiter’s searches. To do this there is a concept of keyword density. Chose some keywords related to you profession and put these keyword in headline, summary and repeat these keywords in whole LinkedIn profile. It will gives you a chance of standout in searches. If you have a good keyword density then you will be at top in searches.

Summary should be short, unique have reasonable keyword density and factual.

Work History:

In LinkedIn profile when editing your work history then always put a logo of your company and in description put roles and responsibilities in bullets. It will gives maximum information to recruiters which will be helpful for job search. Your work history should match with your resume.

Endorsement and skills:

Choose your top skills related to your professional. Those should be good keywords. If you are good in project management and you have 16 endorsement in your connections then you will be at top in searches. The maximum people endorse your skills maximum chances of coming at top.

Groups and Following:

If you are already following a company whose recruiter is looking for you then you have better chances of coming at top. You should follow the companies at which you have desire to work.

Become Active.

Try to increase your network and become active. Write something about your field at least once per week. This will show you have a authority on your field. The more you active your profile will be more visible to others.


Your profile should show that in your work history and in everything you have a consistency. If you have consistency in your profile the recruiter who is checking your profile will be impressed and you will be contacted by him.

Make Profile Public:

Your profile should never be private your contact detail and other things should be public so that maximum people can see your profile.


Prepare for Next Step in Job Search. Delight with Resume in front of Recruiters.

Once you have optimized your LinkedIn profile with keywords and other things then recruiter will contact you to send your resume for more information. Be prepare yourself for sending Resume.

Resume Tips:

  • Your resume should be matched with your LinkedIn profile
  • Be Ensured consistency in your Resume.
  • Don’t write subjective in your resume just focus on quality and objective.
  • Don’t Write Flowery words or become over confident. This trend has become old age now.
  • Don’t write different titles and different explanation of your work history it should be mirror of LinkedIn profile.
  • Showcase your skills in front of your resume. Endorsement section and skill section should match with your skills.
  • Recruiter check your resume in Z pattern. Try to make clear resume.
  • Proper margin and white spaces should be used so that in 6 second recruiter evaluates you.
  • Margin should never be smaller than 0.8
  • Font should never be smaller than 11 size.

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Attract with Cover letter:

People think recruiters don’t read cover letter. It totally untrue. Recruiters read the cover letter but after reading first line they end up closing your cover letter. Your cover letter should not be summary of your resume it should not be all about you. It should contain something about company. Do homework on company and write something fascinating about company. Appreciate their strategy and tell them you are beneficial for them. Cover letter should be brief and concise. This will end up reading your resume.

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Reaching to Recruiters:

Reaching to Recruiters
Reaching to Recruiters

Once you have optimized your LinkedIn profile. Prepared resume and cover letter then reach out to recruiters.

You should follow the company on LinkedIn. It will help recruiters to know that you are interested in their company.

Connect with at least 5 people of company online. Why 5 because none of 5 will accept your request. Imagine if recruiter is looking for a person and he found that you are already connected with company employees he will defiantly calls you. It’s called referral system. Use customized request for this purpose.

Customize your request on LinkedIn. Go to employee profile select send invitation select colleague and select most related experience with them and write some words that how you are impressed from him and send request.

Believe me it will work and you will grow your network for job search.


Post Interview Techniques:

Once you have been called for resume and you will be waiting for interview. There are chances that recruiters forget you to inform or due to any other reason. Recruiters are busy persons and they are always busy in finding new person on daily basis.

My advice is to wait for one week and then send an email. Email should not be like what update about job is or where I am standing etc. in a polite note write something like this.

Thank you for opportunity to meet with you for abc position in your company. I really enjoyed my time with your company. If there is anything else I can do further to my candidacy, please let me know.

Sincerely Yours

You’re Name

At the you can also write a PS.  Go to LinkedIn and search for blog or article that is related to your last talk with conversation copy the link and tell in one line and send that link it will help the recruiters to know about your collaborative behavior.


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http://www.careerealism.com/ Read what employers and recruiters are really looking for.

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