Jobs in Dubai for freshers Top Tips 2017

Jobs in Dubai for freshers Top Tips 2016
Jobs in Dubai for freshers Top Tips 2016

Jobs in Dubai for freshers Top Tips 2017

Finding Jobs in Dubai for freshers in 2016 is very easy if you know how to insight of Dubai Jobs market and behavior of Employers.  Today I will tell you Top tips that can help in Jobs in Dubai for Freshers.

Dubai Jobs market is becoming bigger and bigger day by day due to heavy investment injection. Dubai is strong candidates of Expo 2020 so companies are trying to establish stable business. Every stable business good expert of fields. New companies face difficulty in recruiting gulf experienced person because they demand for high salary. These companies prefer freshers for Jobs in Dubai because they demand low salary. Low salary does not mean too much low.

Below top tips will help in Jobs in Dubai for Freshers 2017.

  • Enhance your Networking:

    enhance your networking - dubaitask
    enhance your networking – dubaitask

If are looking Jobs in Dubai for freshers then count your connections in Dubai. Become active on social media and make maximum connections. There are many Jobs that are not published candidates are hired on the basis of connections. Try to follow-up every connection. Make your connection strong and tell in your networking that you need a job. Dubai market is changed now if you have more connection then chances of your Jobs are very high. Try to increase your network. Never ignore this factor. Jobs in Dubai is very easy if you know art of Job Search.


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  • Research the company:

Almost every company has some foot prints on google or any social media. Job seekers always go for interview without doing prior research on company. If you are freshers then you have to prove that you are very active and have some plus point over other candidates. Do Google on the company and take ideas what they do and what’s their policies.

  • Highlight Your Skills:

The first and only way to impress employer is your cv. Your cv should include skills exactly that employer is looking for. Read the Jobs description and amend your cv and highlight those skills that employer wants in you. Don’t shoot all employer with one cv. Amend every time your cv before sending. You will be amazed that Jobs in Dubai for Freshers is very easy if you successfully did this thing.

  • Introduction Practice that employer like:

    Practice makes men perfect
    Practice makes men perfect

You should be more confident than other candidates so practice your first interview pitch before going to interview. There is a famous quote that practice makes men perfect so don’t challenge universal law. Practice, practice, practice. The most common question is “tell me about yourself ”. Prepare your introduction. Don’t use these words, “ I am very good in…. ” “I am punctual …..” “I like your company too much …” never use this type of words. Make a solid introduction that can impress.


  • Talk About Projects:

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers are easy if you know art of job snatching. You will be having experience in your home country or maybe you don’t have any experience but when employer ask you from anything try to relate it with your university projects. Like if employer asks you about how are your teamwork skills relate it your university projects and say I did a project in a team during university. Tell them your achievement during team working


  • Digital Presence:

Digital presence is very essential now days. Let me tell you one thing now a day’s HR person also Google you to check do you have good digital presence or bad. Always Google your email addresses and see what results are coming. Make professional LinkedIn profile along with all social media profile. If you see any bad image then contact web owner or remove that content. Try to participate in most active professional groups if you show in group that you have enough knowledge then believe me you will get your Jobs in Dubai as Freshers . Don’t ignore this digital power.

  • Dress Professionally:

You will be familiar with a famous quote “First impression is the last impression”. So you should wear professional dress, wear watch and walk with confidence. Don’t shake your voice when talking with your employer. You can Read my article where complete details of dress is given for both males and females. For Jobs in Dubai for Freshers you should focus on dress also. Experienced person will have many plus points but you have to impress your employer in one shot with your look, your way of talking, way of walk , body language , crispy cv etc. Believe me if you follow all these things you will be given more preference.

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  • Arrive on Time:

    arrive on time - dubai task
    arrive on time – dubai task

I have seen many candidates who did blunders and they were successfully losing their chances of Jobs. Let me tell you a normal senior. You got a call for interview and place of interview is new and you are finding Jobs in Dubai for Freshers . You will pick metro or bus and reach at the station will find your location and when you will check your time it’s already late 5 minutes because you are finding a very new place first time.  To get your first job you need to work like you are in ideal situation. Everything should be perfect. Search your place of interview on Google map then make a plan how you will reach there and find the location. Leave your home location with a margin of at least 1 hour. Due to rush some time you will be stuck in traffic. But enter in office only 5 minutes before. If you reach very early in the office it will show you are more desperate if arrive late then it will be bad impression.

Jobs in Dubai for freshers are very easy if you follow above tips and follow my all articles.  A tip of Jobs in Dubai for freshers does not end here but these are the top tips. I will share more tips regularly. Keep following our group.


This Article is written by UMAR ARSHAD. 


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