Secrets of securing job vacancies in Dubai

job vaccancies in dubai and uae
job vaccancies in dubai and uae

Secrets of securing Job vacancies in Dubai

You need to know these secrets of securing job vacancies in Dubai. I can assure you that you don’t know about these new tips and tricks for finding jobs in Dubai. Thousands of job vacancies in Dubai are rising but people are still claiming that Dubai has no jobs. If you are smart and have a good education with experience then, believe me, Dubai will not let you go. I did research on more than 1000 jobs website and blogs to find these new secrets. Let me tell you mathematically how these secrets of securing job vacancies in Dubai will work for you.

If finding jobs in Dubai are 100 % then your education and experience matter only 30-35 %. Skills matter 10 % and CV, cover letter, your references, contacts and efforts matter 35 %. Rest of 25 % matter those things that you ignores during whole job hunting period to interview period. If you are smart and have enough education then you have right to secure your dream job in Dubai. Read following

Game of Power Word:

power words for dubai job hunting
power words for dubai job hunting

How will power word help you to find jobs in Dubai? Let me tell you. Power words are those words that attract listener or reader attention. You can use these power words in CV on prominent places or during the interview. These words will trigger more attention of employer on your CV. Do you know what power words for jobs are? Here are some of the top power words.

  • Assigned
  • Chaired
  • Boosted
  • Developed                                                                       
  • Fulfilled
  • Implemented.

You can find Top 100 list of power words from here:

Quick tip: Remember these power words and make a habit of using these words at the right place.

Recruiters Psychology:

Recruiters Psychology
Recruiters Psychology

Job vacancies in Dubai are easy to grab if you think in a different way. Recruiters are very smart and now they don’t fell into the trap of false CV information. If you want to secure your job then you need to understand from a recruiters point of view. While applying for a job or writing cv then think you are a recruiter and hiring a candidate for given post. Then think what you being a recruiter is looking for information as a hiring manager. Recruiters always focus on keywords, your skills and way of presentation. To understand recruiter psychology you need to understand how they look for candidates and on which medium they post jobs. Recruiters now used social media and LinkedIn to offer for job hunting. Complete your LinkedIn profile with good keywords. do not miss any field on jobs website when recruiter search for a candidate then he enters keywords like “financial accountant” or “cost accountant” if you have used such highly searched keywords in your CV or profile your profile will remain on the top.

Quick tips: Thinks like you are a recruiter and hiring candidates.

Body Language for Interview:

Body Language for Interview
Body Language for Interview

Body language is very effective to impress any employer. If you are giving interview only 10-15 % you’re speaking matters while rest is your body language. Body Language is a way to show your employer that you are a confident and strong grip on your skills.


Let me tell you some quick tips.



  • Don’t shake your body during the interview.
  •  Always maintain eye to eye contact while talking. If you are standing then don’t cross your hands or close your hands like a belt.
  •  Don’t use too many hands to support your argument
  • While you are walking then walk with balanced steps it shows you are confident.
  • Always handshake with the employer unless there are women.

Tip for Impress employer on phone:

Sometimes employer calls to on the phone for the first time or you call to any hr. person for jobs or following up your jobs. If you can impress on the phone then surely your chances are increased.  Whenever you call always say good morning or good evening depends on upon at which time you are calling. Introduce yourself with chosen and brief words. Your talk with the hr person on the phone should be filled with power words and brief and to the point. Your voice should be balanced while talking on the phone. It should not be too low or too high. When you end up your phone always say ending goodbye.

Communication skills tip:Communication skills tip

Communication skills are the skills that every employer wants in a new candidate. Communication skills also increase the chances of confirming jobs in Dubai. Job vacancies in Dubai are very easy if you have good communication skills. Communication skills include power words, keywords, a way of telling others in such a way that he accepts your arguments. Let me tell you some quick tip which will help you to secure. Job vacancies in Dubai. Always repeat some words of your speaker to show them you are active listener and hence speakers feels comfortable with listener .for example speaker says “I am not good “listener should react like this “you are not good? What happened “. In this short conversion you repeat words of good that show to speaker that you are active listener and reacting. The speaker will feel comfortable. More the employer is comfortable with you then chances are increased for candidates. Always use greetings in the start and end of your conversation.

New tip for finding low competition job:

Are you looking for job vacancies in Dubai ? Then from where you check jobs in Dubai?.Let I tell you some new ways of finding low competition jobs. When you will apply for job vacancies in Dubai then you will notice that almost all candidates apply on some same websites like dubbizle, dubaitask, Khaleej times, indeed, Naukri gulf etc. on these common websites or newspaper thousands of candidates apply for jobs. Chances of your selection are very low.

Quick tip lets me tell you some interesting and new ways of finding jobs. Have you ever use facebook for finding jobs? No? then here is solution how you can find very very low competition jobs in Dubai through Facebook. Facebook is most used social media platform in the whole Dubai and is one of the top websites. Mostly employer post for jobs on their wall , in groups , on pages or sometimes in comments. If you know here they posted these jobs only you or some other candidates will be able to see that post.

How to find these jobs on Facebook?

If you are looking for accounting jobs in Dubai then use “accountant in Dubai “  enter this keyword on Facebook search option then click on latest on surprisingly you will see that there are many new jobs on Facebook of today and you have not heard of it if you are regular job hunter. Most of the people enter the link in the jobs those jobs are redirected to new jobs. But genuine jobs are those jobs that don’t contain links and they say we are looking for jobs candidates can apply with cv on the email address or inbox. use same trick on LinkedIn , twitter etc. you will see many of low competition jobs around you.

Your weakness is your strength but how ?


Do you know SWOT analysis? Swot analysis is a well-known term of a business student . Swot means strength , weakness, opportunities, threat every person has some strength and some weakness.  Make a chart of swot analysis. For perfect swot analysis make a chart. Enter your strength and weakness honestly on this chart. Now try to cover your weakness. If your weakness can not be covered then there is another trick cover your weakness with the help of your strength like if you are not punctual and this is your weakness and your strength is you complete your work on the same day this is your strength. Now try to become punctual if you cannot be punctual then cover your weakness with the help of strength. Like yes, I arrive at the workplace a bit late but whatever is the workload I complete on the same day. I don’t care what the time is.


In this way , you can beat your weakness with the help of strength.

Make your Free Company for job hunting in Dubai, Learn How?

You know you are the CEO of one company. Which company ? the company name is your . You are the CEO of your you can use this company for finding jobs in Dubai. This is your default already acquired company .when you tell someone or employer about you. Just think yours are a CEO and owner of a company trying to sell your products (skills, education, experience) to other company (employer) . With this thinking talk with him. Now try to sell your product. you will see amazing result that your jobs are now secured.

Some hidden sources for jobs in Dubai, Don’t Miss it.

At the end, I will tell you some secrets sources that can be used for job hunting. First thing is download list of Dubai companies, email addresses, phone numbers and all other relevant information worth 2000 $ free of cost from here.

Read the book for job hunting from here. Don’t ignore this.

Join Facebook group where jobs are born on a daily basis from here.

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Above tips and tricks are secret and yet not revealed anywhere. You can use it for job hunting and get an amazing result. Job vacancies in Dubai will become very easy if you apply all above tricks in a smart way. I wish you best of luck in your career.

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