Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country

Job search strategies in dubai or in other country
Job search strategies in dubai or in other country

Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country:

If you are frustrated like other for job search and tired up from job search then you need a Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country to and read this complete for job search. After Reading this article you can easily find jobs in Dubai, Middle East or anywhere in the world. Let’s get started.

Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country is really easy if you know the exact job strategy.

How to get benefit from this article for job search in Dubai & other countries:

You will be provided some files which contain checklist and other stuff which will help you to design your Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country. you can download checklist and files from following given link.

Download Now: check list and files for jobs search

Where to start Search Process for job search:

How to manage job search in Dubai and other countries:

The normal trend of job seeking is to search all jobs on the internet and start applying for everyone. It’s a huge waste of time. You need to design Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country in such a way that opportunities comes to you.

You need to learn a pereto principle or a great universal rule of 80/20. Job seekers spend 80% time on applying online and 20 % making networking for jobs. It’s totally wrong you have to reverse this rule you need to spend 80% times on making connections and 20 % on applying for jobs. To do this activity you should have a record of every activity. Download a worksheet from above given links. in which you can track your activity for job search strategies in Dubai or any other place. It also has many useful resources.

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You also need a Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country for follow-up in job search strategies. A website called helps you to follow up the jobs and it also has a feature to send you text message use this website.

If you are full-time job seekers in Dubai or any other place spend 40 hours per week and if you are unemployed spend 8 hours per week for job search. You need

  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • & passion

For finding next job. It will help in Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country.

Most wanted five tips for job search strategies in Dubai or in the world:

Following tips makes your life easier and saves a lot of time during Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country.

  • Use job searches agents
  • Use these job search agents. These will send you customized jobs to you by email.

Become more visible in your professional field:

You need to be more visible in your field by

  • Blogging
  • Networking
  • Speaking in conference
  • Professional associations
  • Use tracking system for jobs and contacts:
  • Use worksheet or any system which is used for tracking interviews and other important things.

Get Support from friends & family for job search strategies:

Job search strategies can become easier when you have support from friends and family. They not only provide you quick reviews on your progress but they keep you more positive.

Always be positive:

Change your attitude and always comes with positive attitude.

Setting up Search agents:

Most employers posts vacancies on his websites. You should first figure out which organization is related to your field go these websites career pages and start applying on that. You can use a section of for this purpose. We have made this step easy for you. You can go here for companies career page or jobs on companies website and you will be redirected to thousands of companies career pages.

How to use job search agents successfully:

You need to go for

These websites collect jobs from all websites and these websites emails you customized result. A different group of companies in UAE also gives you the opportunity to find jobs in UAE through emails.

Online Resume Posting:

You should post your resume on maximum places on job boards and employer websites. It will help employers to find you more easily. Many job boards require different fields to fill out for a resume. You need to fill every field. Like if salary is asked then you need to write your expected salary honestly. It is possible that if you don’t write your salary or missed any field chances to kick you off from a job is easier.

Optimize your profile:

You need to optimize your profile so that recruiters comes to you easily. Every profile must be completely filled with good keywords and skills set.

Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country

Which website will help you for profile optimization: and will help you to find a good job for you.

Linkedin is the professional website you need to make your profile in a professional way. is a microblogging website which is used to tell other people and your followers that you have a good authority in your field it will build good connections which ultimately will help you to find a job for you. is social networking website this website is also used to find jobs but the art of finding jobs need to be understood before using it. You should join your jobs and professional associations groups. You should regularly update some contents in these groups which shows that you have command In your field which will end up making good connections that will help you to find jobs for you.

Whatever website you used for online profile you need to remember some rules before making your good optimized website

  1. A good summary or pitch which can bring hold the eyes of the reader.
  2. Your profile should be filled with good keywords. Hr professionals find people through keywords
  3. Link to your resume. Always post a link to your resume so that interested hr person can read your resume before contacting you.
  4. Personalize your profile URL. Many websites like LinkedIn and facebook etc allows you to customize your URL . You should personalize your
  5. Portrait yourself on this website as a professional

Following article put a detailed light on profile optimization for job search strategy. you should read this

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How to improve your visibility:

Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country job tips
Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country job tips

Improve visibility by using blogging and networking websites:

Blogging is very useful thing to tell others that you have good information and have authority in your field you should keep following points to remember before writing blogs

  1. Focus of you blog should be related to your industry and it should include updated knowledge, skills used in your industry etc.
  2. Be consistent in your blogging. More you write more connections will you make
  3. Read your blog in such a way that you can engage your readers.
  4. Link your blog with networking websites like LinkedIn, twitter etc.

If you are not familiar with blogging contact us on we will help you to build your blog.

Volunteering and hosted workshops:

Volunteering and hosted workshops
Volunteering and hosted workshops

For good job search strategy in Dubai and other countries, you need to participate in voluntary work in the organization. Choose those voluntary work which will add values to your resume. It will help the employers to identify you as a professional. Choose short term projects .it will help you make good contacts. Believe me its great thing for Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country.

Use conferences as a tool to find jobs search strategy:

Attend the professional conferences effectively. Belief me it will help you to land your dream jobs in Dubai or in any other country.

Use the following key points to use professional conference effectively:

  1. In conference, you should submit your proposal it will help the professionals to approach you. If your professional association runs webinar you should do the same thing in webinars
  2. Do research on attendees and presentation in the conference. You should ask a question in the conference it will stand you out in the whole
  3. Before going practice your pitch and questions etc.
  4. Initiate conversation with people in the conference. Ask them questions to make them feel will help you to make good connections.
  5. Network informally on coffee or tea.

How to leverage your networks:

leverage your networks for Job search strategies in dubai
leverage your networks for Job search strategies in dubai

The great way of Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country is leverage your contacts.

How to use old contacts:

  • Make notes of your contacts
  • Prioritize your connections
  • Set goals and set a meeting with everyone
  • Prepare questions and be prepare to tell them how you can add values
  • Follow up your connections

How to make and maintain new connections:

  1. Choose a company where you want to work for
  2. Do basic research on company
  3. Find decision-making person on LinkedIn or any other online medium. That person should not be hr
  4. Prepare specific questions in the very brief way and show them you can add values to them.
  5. Tell the time with flexibility so that they can easily respond you.
  6. Follow up the connections
  7. Send thank you note

How to maintain connections:

  1. Search on related and new things of industry
  2. Send them these new updates regularly
  3. Regularly reminds them about some meeting.



Follow above Job search strategies in Dubai or in any country works. it has helped many other candidates also. you should apply this.

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