How to use advanced search to find a job in Dubai on Indeed (Part I)

Indeed Job in Dubai


How to use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search on Indeed

You’ve probably heard about, and its UAE version, As a job portal and job search engine, Indeed can be pretty helpful in helping you land the right job. But unless you’ve got some luck, you may be up to looking for hours and hours for that one opportunity.. !

Here’s a list of advanced search tips that will teach you how to use logical operators on Indeed to refine your search:

1. The homepage

When you get started and go to or, you usually end up on the homepage with a simple interface: on the left, you’ve got the what filter that specifies *something* (we’ll come to that later), and on the right, you’ve got the where filter, which specifies the location (for example, Dubai here).

Indeed Job in Dubai

2. The space between words (AND operator)

Now, here’s the important thing: when you type in some, such as “administrative assistant” in the what section, it’s going to implicitly add an AND logical operator, which means that it will look up for results that include BOTH terms (here, “administrative” and “assistant”). That means that it will give priority to “administrative assistant” before “administrative alone, or “assistant” alone. (See picture below)

AND logical operator

3. One of the terms, the other one or both! (the OR operator)

That being said, Indeed informs us that you can use the OR logical operator between your terms on this link. The OR logical operator will basically consider either of the terms (here, “administrative”, “assistant”) or both of them (so, it will work like AND in some cases). To make the OR logical operator work, you just have to put it between the two terms in caps, for example: administrative OR assistant (See picture below)

OR logical operator

BEWARE: When you use three terms, it will basically treat an OR expression (for example, “Sales OR Assistant”) on its own before matching it to the third term. What that means is that for example, if you write “Sales OR Assistant Executive”, it will behave like (Sales OR Assistant) AND Executive, looking up at Sales Executive and Assistant Executive. (See picture below)

AND OR logical operators


4. How to exclude specific results (the NOT operator)

Another great tool of the Indeed search engine is the NOT operator. It lets you exclude a term you don’t want to appear in your search. For example, if you’re not interested in Assistant positions, you can just exclude it: administrative NOT assistant (See picture below: first one has “Administrative Assistant” as its first result, and second doesn’t)

NOT operator

NOT operator


OK, guys, that’s all for today! 😉

See you soon in the next articles to discuss about more advanced search features of the Indeed search engine!

Samy Mkacher