How to write a Perfect cover letter for jobs

how to write perfect cover letter
how to write perfect cover letter

How to write a Perfect cover letter

A cover letter is very important for any job seekers. A cover letter is created first impression on the employer. If you cover letter is well written then the employer will be interested to see you in an interview. Many people are not aware of how to write a perfect cover letter. People are also not aware of the importance of cover letter. In this article, I will guide you what is a cover letter and how to write a perfect cover letter for any job opening. I will target this cover letter for the target employer of Dubai to find jobs in Dubai.

What is cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter that is written by the job seekers to a potential employer. In this piece of letter, job seeker introduces themselves in front of the employer. The cover letter contains brief information in which job seeker tells the employer intent of writing, brief skills, and experience.

Cover letter creates the first impression on the employer. It tells your potential employer that you have good communication skills and you are professional and really interested in jobs. Your cover letter is your brief introduction that ultimately lead to a job.

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One cover letter does not fit on all jobs opening. I saw here in Dubai that there is thousands of jobs are available. The trend of applying for jobs in Dubai is to send CV online. People send their CV or resume without a cover letter or if they send their cv or resume with the cover letter they use only one template for all job opening. To create a good impression on employer cover letter should be designed according to job designation.

What should be included in perfect cover letter?

The length of the cover letter.

The cover letter should not be more than 1 page. Ensure that your cover letter is written under 1 page. The ideal cover letter contains 250 words. But it can be increased according to requirement but should never increase the length more than 1 page.

Match the skills.

The most important point of the cover letter is the identification of employer skills and needs. Once you identified the employers need then match your skills and experience according to that skills and experience. Write a cover letter in such a way that it becomes appealing to employers.

Tailor your cover letter according to job:

Do not send each cover letter for every job. Remember one size does not fit all. Tailor your CV according to each job. The ideal situation is written something about the organization for which you are for. It shows to the employer that you have done good research on the organization.

Writing style of cover letter:

Always write a cover letter in such a way that look professional and mature. Never write long sentences or paragraph and jorgans it looks non-professional. Write in such a way that shows your confidence.

Logical sequence:

Always write your cover letter in a logical sequence. There should be a proper and professional flow in your whole cover letter.

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What should be the layout of cover letter?

Cover letter layout should be professional. I will tell you what content and layout you have to use in your cover letter.

Introductory Paragraph:

The cover letter should always start with an introductory paragraph. In this paragraph write briefly why you are writing a cover letter. Tell employer from where you got the information of this post. Establish a point of contact. (Write about the website name where you got information or person name or place name where you got information). You should write about who you are. For example, if you are an ACA don’t write accountant but write an accounts and finance professional. Also write briefly about yourself.

Main paragraph.

This paragraph should be more attractive because this paragraph will lead your employer to call you for an interview.

In this paragraph tell something about your resume content. Not all content should be told. Only the feature that is silent on your resume or that point that matches with job description should be highlighted.

Here is the point where you match your skills and experience with employer organization and job description.

Maintain the reader’s interest through a paragraph.

Your cover letter should be extra information not just rephrasing the CV.

Closing paragraph:

The closing paragraph of a cover letter about requests. Policy ends up your cover letter by requesting for interview request at employer convenience. Tell the employer that you can send more information on demand. Tell them what you can send in the supplement. In this closing paragraph, you have to thank your employer.

  • What areas should be covered in a cover letter?
  • A cover letter is the only thing that employer see first. You should know which areas should be covered in the cover letter and in which areas will be covered in cv.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Address your target audience only.
  • Your main objective of sending resume or CV.
  • Identify the target audience
  • How to address objective to target audience
  • What benefits you will give when you do employment in that company.
  • Positive attitude through the cover letter.
  • Maintain desire of address need of employees.
  • Advertise the resume in best way
  • Cover letter should be made with best professional effort
  • Proofread your cover letter.
  • Formatting of cover letter:
  • The cover letter should be written in classic black format.
  • Type each letter in cover letter individually
  • Use high-quality paper if you are using a cover letter in hard copy.
  • Punctuation and grammar should be correct.
how to write perfect cover letter
how to write perfect cover letter

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