Common Interview advice and tips for Dubai jobs seekers

Common Interview advice and tips for Dubai jobs seekers

Common Interview advice and tips for Dubai jobs seekers

Don’t become desperate:

Most common interview mistake is people become desperate for a job. Interview advice and tip is never to tell your employer that you are too desperate for this job and you have to get this job at every cost. Never tell your employer that your visa is going to expire and you have to get this job as early as possible. The employer sees this type of situations daily. Another quick interview advice is you don’t need to tell your employer that your wife and children are starving or your family is dependent upon you. It will impact bad impression on your employer.

Don’t become emotional:

Most common interview mistake that every Dubai jobs seeker do is becoming emotional during the interview. 2ndinterview advice for Dubai job seeker is never ever become emotional or cry during the interview. It will show that you don’t have good resistance power. The employer becomes uncomfortable and it will lead to job rejection.

Don’t be late:

I saw many people in UAE arrives late in an interview due to rush or unfamiliar of roads and addresses. This is also common interview mistake. Always keep the time margin of 30 minutes when going for an interview in Dubai. Run Arabic time on your watch and arrives at interview spot at least 30 minutes before. Employer loves for that candidate who arrives at the time.

Turn off your mobile:

Dubai jobs seeker made several contacts and apply for several jobs. The mobile phone of Dubai jobs seeker rings often. Dubai jobs seeker have to keep the mobile phone on to receive any potential interview call. Common interview mistake is people don’t turn off their mobile during the interview. Always turn off your mobile when going for any interview.

Don’t use Strong perfume:

Dubai jobs seeker always try to impress a prospective employer during the interview. It’s common interview mistakes that every Dubai jobs seeker use perfume during the interview. Quick interview advice for Dubai job seeker is never use strong perfume or anything. Remember Dubai is hot country and employer also don’t like smelly candidates. Always use very light perfumes or deodorant during interview. Room is often very small and some light perfume can also become strong in that room so always be careful during the interview.

Keep copies of CV/Resume and other important documents with you:

Always keep colored cv, 4 passport size photographs and your country national identity card copy with you. Common interview mistake for Dubai jobs seeker is no taking important documents with you. Many employers want to hire candidates immediately, they will give preference to those candidates who have maximum documents with them. Some employers ask for photographs after the interview. If you have these things with you it will help the employer to start your visa application early.

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Bring updated cv:

Never take old CV in an interview. Always bring updated CV for an interview.

Don’t handshake with Arabic women employer:

Most common interview mistake is Dubai job seeker tries to handshake with women employer also. In UAE or Dubai, Islamic rules are followed. Hand shake with women employer is not considered good. Wait for handshake until women employer itself handshake with you.

Be prepared for common interview question:

There is some question that almost every employer ask. Be ready and prepared for such interview questions. Common interview mistake is not prepared for a common interview question.

Do research on company:

Always before going for an interview do research on will give more insight and culture awareness to you.

Dress code of interview:

Common interview mistake is an improper dress code for Dubai jobs interview. I have written a great article on the dress code of interview. You can read this and dress code of interview can be better understood by this picture.

Accept any offer:

Don’t reject any water, coffee or tea offer by employer during interview

Don’t become too friendly:

Dubai jobs seeker always try to become friendly with the employer. Don’t do this common interview mistake. Keep professional distance between you and employer.

Don’t lie:

Dubai jobs seeker sometimes lie about something during the interview. The employer had conducted several interview and they catch lie on the spot. Never lie during an interview.

Try to avoid using terms “we”, “when”:

Dubai jobs seeker often do very common mistake that they are not aware. Never use “we” or “when” during the interview. Don’t relate that incidents or stories that lack real substance.

Don’t over answer:

Common interview mistake is over answer of the question. Never over answer of employer question.

A very useful info graphics explains and summarize the interview advice and tips.See this.

common interview advice and tips for dubai job seekers

Common Interview advice and tips for Dubai jobs seekers
Common Interview advice and tips for Dubai jobs seekers


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