Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers?

Top online Gulf jobs websites scam

Facts of online Gulf jobs websites?

Can you find jobs on these websites?

Thousands of online Gulf jobs websites are available on internet. Every jobs website claims jobs Surety. Did you ever think that these websites really helpful for jobs or just time waster? If you are applying for jobs on these websites then you are wasting your time period and you will never receive any job interview calls.  I will tell you some important guidelines and checklist before you apply for jobs in gulf. Online Gulf jobs websites contains thousands of jobs and if you are smart then you can find fake websites and fake jobs within seconds and save your precious time.

I will quickly analyze some top websites and I will tell you some informational tips to recognize fake jobs.

Alert: Many people have started online Gulf jobs websites to fool common jobs seekers. They post fake jobs and people apply on those jobs. Once they applied they email them back for jobs interview. Once they comes for interview they select them easily by asking very easy questions. After that they ask for money to deposit so that they can arrange visa. Sometimes they promise them to payback your money. Once jobs seeker deposit money than they use jobs seeker time and your money is lost.

Top Tip: Never become part of such story. Never give money for jobs in Advance.

Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers
Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers

How to Identify Fake Recruitment Companies:

Online Gulf jobs websites have invented new trick to steal needy jobs seekers money. I am getting many messages on almost daily basis that jobs seekers lost their money in the hand of fake recruitment agencies in Dubai. I investigated and found that they get jobs seekers money in a very easy way.

How they Trap You?

Fake companies steal your money in a very easy way. They give a fake advertisement they you will get 100 % jobs. When jobs seekers apply on Fake Online Gulf jobs websites they send them very beautiful emails and calls them. They assure you that you will get jobs. They are so smart that common jobs seeker can easily trap into their net. They call you in his office and ask some money in advance. They give you money back guarantee also. They take your money and they don’t have so much jobs in hand so they arrange some fake interviews. These fake interviews build trust on jobs seekers.  They normally tells you that they will find jobs for you in next 3 month. Jobs seekers already have maximum 3 month visit visa. So they use your money and after 3 month you have to go back to your country when you ask them to return your money they tells you that they will send you money after one month in bank account so whole process takes almost more than 9 month.

They use their money for personal benefit for 9 month and after 9 month they returned you money after many hurdles. Some jobs seekers Fed up of such system and they forgive his money. Some jobs seeker who do resistance they will get money after long 9 month and at the end they don’t provides you any genuine jobs and your time is already wasted. Many jobs seekers falls into such Trap.

Quick Tip: Never Ever give money for jobs in Dubai advance. It’s illegal and fake.

How to Identify Fake jobs.

fake jobs
fake jobs

There are Many Online Gulf jobs websites who provides jobs but drawback is anyone can post jobs on such websites. So Many people post Fake Jobs. Most of classified websites face such issue. Those website who charge money for posting jobs they have less chances of fake jobs.

Fake jobs provides high salary than market salary. They provides high salary and demand very low educated or less experienced person for jobs. Another thing which they put in job description is very attractive Jobs Designation. Attractive Jobs Designation, High salary  more than market Salary , Easy Terms & condition , No or very less experience is required are the signs of Fake Jobs. Another sign of Fake jobs is they gives you extra benefit or they post jobs of USA, CANADA, UK etc on Online Gulf jobs websites.

Quick Tip: Never Apply on Fake Jobs it’s totally Waste of Time.

Some Trusted Websites & Quick Reviews:

Dubbizle :

Dubbizle is one of the trusted website in Gulf for jobs. Main reason of trust is that they charge money for jobs and only good companies post jobs on this websites. Fake Jobs are not posted on this website.

Khaleej Times:

Khaleej times is also one of the top place for jobs search. Khaleej times does not charge Money so some fake jobs poster post fake jobs. On the other hand many genuine post are also posted on this website.

Dubai Task: is also one of the trusted website in gulf. It provides free jobs in Dubai, Free EBooks, Free job hunting Data and many other resources. It is also free classified website but because of moderators very less fake jobs are posted. More than 90 % jobs are real.

Bayt :

Bayt charges money for posting jobs so only genuine Head hunters use this website. Ratio of fake jobs is almost nil.

Indeed :

Indeed is also one of the best website but fake jobs poster can post jobs because of less moderation. Ratio of fake jobs posting is less.

Monster Gulf:

Monster Gulf is also one of the trusted website. Ratio of fake jobs is very less on this website.

Gulf Jobs :

Naukri Gulf is also a very good website and it also provides only genuine jobs.

Above are the only websites that provides good genuine jobs and ratio of fake jobs is very less. Other than these website majority are posting fake jobs or they don’t have any updated jobs.

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