Accounting Jobs in Dubai Search Guidelines and Tips

accounting jobs in Dubai for freshers
accounting jobs in Dubai for freshers

Accounting Jobs in Dubai Search Guidelines and Tips:

Are you looking for Accounting jobs in Dubai and unable to find accounting or Bookkeeping jobs in Dubai. It is possible that you are not following a right way of jobs search. Are you Qualified CPA, ACCA, CA, ICMA or Part qualified and unable to Accounting Jobs in Dubai then you need to read this whole Article?

accounting jobs in Dubai
accounting jobs in Dubai

If you are Accountant then it is possible you got emails from these websites Accounting TodayCPA TrendlinesGoing ConcernAccountingWeb or Journal of Accountancy . These websites do not help regarding jobs in Dubai.

You will be looking for

How accountant can get his first job?

How to make a career in the accounting field in Dubai?

How can accountant be promoted in his career?

How to find accounting jobs in Dubai?

Let me tell you one by one.

Make Focused Resume:

Many Accountants have a good qualification like CPA, ACCA, CA, ICMA, CFA and others but they failed to impress an employer in the first instance due to poor Resume Layout. If you are applying for four positions Accountant, Auditor, Cost Accountant or Finance Accountant then you need to make four different CVS. Each CV should be focused on the position for which you are applying. If you applying for Accountant position highlight your Accounting Skills and experience or if you are applying for Cost Accountant then highlight Your Costing Skills and expertise. Never send one CV for all position. This step will make easy to find Accounting Jobs in Dubai easier.

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Target Cover Letter:

Professional Accountants are groomed for Accounting Skills but most of them don’t know the art of job search. Like CV cover letter should be focused on the position you are applying. The cover letter should not be a summary of CV but in cover letter discuss how you can add value to the company and how you like their company Policies .Discuss more company and employer and less about yourself.

Make Professional LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn is now used by Many Hr. people to find good candidates. Make professional Accountant LinkedIn profile. Use accounting keywords like An Accountancy and Finance Professional, Cost Accountant etc. using specific Accounting keywords on LinkedIn will make easy for employers to easily search for you.


Write Accounting Blogs Regularly:

Blogging is not new but if the use of blogging is done in the right way then accountants can get dream jobs in Dubai and they can also make a good reference and many other benefits. Start writing blogs at least once in a week it shows that you have authority in your field. You will make a good list of reference and they will help you in future.

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Attend Seminars or workshops arranged by Professional Bodies:

Professional bodies like ICAP, ACCA, PIFA, and CPA arranged seminars, webinars, workshops etc. Accountant should never miss this opportunity to attend these. Why should You attend these workshops etc.?

You will make good reference that will help you to find accounting jobs in Dubai. If you become more visible in your professional bodies then you can easily land on dream jobs. To standout prepare questionnaire, ask questions, prepare your pitch etc.

Building your network:

Building your network accounting jobs in dubai

Expand your network on LinkedIn and in your daily routine. Why should you expand your network? The reason behind this is a trend of job search has been changed. Earlier people spend 80 % time in applying online and 20 % on making reference. Now time has changed those people who spent 20 % on applying and 80 % time on making reference are more successful.

Useful websites for find accounting jobs in Dubai:

I will tell you very useful websites that will help you to find accounting jobs in Dubai more easily.

E financial career

Jobs in Dubai (Dubai Task)

Going concern

Moreover, you can apply direct on company’s career page here

Dubai companies career page links


Choose your company, not Job Opening:

Chose a company in Dubai where you want to apply then search the decision makers on social media or LinkedIn. It should not be an hr person. Try to become visible in front of them on social media or LinkedIn by joining same groups. Post professionally on these groups and after a certain time send a request to them and ask to meet. After that, you can tell them you are looking for jobs and believe me it will help for accounting jobs in Dubai very well.

Swot Analysis:

If you are professional Accountant then you will be familiar with swot analysis. You should do your swot analysis and try to overcome your weakness and threat. if your weakness is negative behavior try to change your behavior .Believe me, it will help you a lot in finding accounting jobs in Dubai.


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