7 Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting

7 Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting
7 Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting

7 Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting

I have seen many numbers of the job seeker who came to Dubai for jobs hunting with the hope to get jobs and they return back without getting jobs due to lack of knowledge. They do a lot of mistakes here due to which they cannot get their job. I am writing 7 essential tips for job hunting in Dubai. These tips do not only apply for jobs in Dubai but it also applies to jobs in UAE. Before coming to Dubai for job hunting always make sure that you have completed below-mentioned checklist. I will recommend not to come here for job seeking if you don’t have enough preparation. There are thousands of jobs arises on a daily basis. if you don’t know the skill of selling yourself then you can’t get your dream jobs in Dubai.

Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting
Essential checklist before coming to Dubai for jobs hunting

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Find Prospective employer:

Many people do mistake that they come for job hunting in Dubai without knowing their prospective employer. Find your Prospective employer from these two websites. Yellow pages and free zone listing.  Both these websites have almost all business listing.

Do Search on employer product or services:

Do research on employers product or services. check what are their products and services and how they are selling. check internet presence of employer also. this will provide more insight of employer. this will help you in jobs hunting in Dubai.

Check company Goodwill:

always run a google search on your prospective list. it will provide you very useful information. the result of this google search will tell either your employer is in the newspaper or not. either this company is fined for bad labor practices or awarded with prize due to good labor practices. this will also give you information about company structure.It will help you for jobs hunting in Dubai easy.

Check Dubai companies license dates:

Dubai companies are registered with the government of Dubai. check on this link http://www.dubaided.gov.ae/English/pages/default.aspx  . check your company trade licences expiry dates. this will give you the insight of your employer either the company is registered or not. Doing any kind of business in UAE is illegal without registration. If license is not renewed by company then company can be forced to stop their business activity.

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Avoid the companies with Yahoo, Gmail etc account:

companies who have yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account they are riskier. Avoid applying on those companies who have Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail accounts. According to me, the companies who can not afford 500 AED for a professional email address or they can not own website those companies can not provide good career growth.

Search the employer with other information:

Once your list of prospective is completed then always do research on google with alternate information. for example, search the phone number of the company. it is possible the number is used by 2 or more companies. it will give you information that company is a big group. it will also provide goodwill information.

Always check these list for job hunting in Dubai. Dubai job hunting is an easy task if you know how to get it.


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