6 Signs You Are Interviewing with a Bad Boss

6 Signs You Are Interviewing with a Bad Boss
6 Signs You Are Interviewing with a Bad Boss


6 Signs You Are Interviewing with a Bad Boss



All these years of your career, you have been hearing from career counsellors that a job seeker needs to concentrate on developing the required job skills, dressing up well, preparing for the interview and mugging up those common interview question and answers to ace an interview! But, the time has changed and so has the job search tips.


Preparing for a job interview is not only about all these tips. A successful job search is meant to give you the desired job as well a good employer. Before getting the job offer, every job candidate is interviewed by his future manager or gets an opportunity to meet him. This is the time when you need to read him.


The saying holds true, “People don’t leave companies, they leave their managers!” A job interview is an opportunity for an employer to find out the potential employee for his company. Similarly, it is the time for you to know if the interviewer can be your right future boss or not! After all, the maximum hours of your day are spent with your boss and other colleagues.

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If you are wondering how you can recognize a potential employer, well, there are a few simple signs that can help you identify if you are interviewing with a bad boss (a bad boss can spoil your enthusiasm, career plan, motivation level and job satisfaction!)


Globally, many employees leave their jobs due to bad work relationships with their bosses. Hence, read on these signs to understand your future boss.


Some of them include:

  • Instead of focusing on your replies, the interviewer is more attentive to one or another thing. This boss will choose to address your needs at last.


  • He is not bothered to greet or give you time for a handshake, but starts the conversation by throwing interview questions. He is the boss who respects work, but not employees.


  • He is too impatient to allow you complete the answer and frequently interrupts with another question. He is the one who likes to talk more than listen.


  • He is not polite to his team members.


  • He is more interested in digging into your personal life than what is relevant for the job. This boss is surely there to make your life hell with too much interference in your personal life.



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