Many people are getting jobs through LinkedIn, Why aren’t you?!


Here is a ground rule, if you are a professional looking to be employed by anyone, you’ve got to have a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t, then you gotta catch up to 21st century!).

If you have a LinkedIn profile, then there is another problem… Maybe you had a thought like this one: “All of these jobs on LinkedIn and I cannot land one! LinkedIn is useless!”

First of all, no it’s not. LinkedIn is an amazing platform and tool, you just have to learn how to use it properly.

Second of all, You shouldn’t be using LinkedIn to land a job only. It’s a professional platform that allows you to connect with any other professional in the world.

You hear stories of people getting job offers and posting their “success stories” on LinkedIn..

You see those “viral posts” going all over LinkedIn with hundreds (if not thousands) of comments and Thousands (if not tens of thousands) of likes.

What is going on..? How do these people get noticed on LinkedIn?

As a Career Coach, I help my clients get these results and land job interviews in no time. Their LinkedIn profiles become like a magnet that attracts job offers and profile views!

Here is a success story of one of my clients talking about how she got reached out to through LinkedIn within 24 hours after I helped her fix her LinkedIn Profile

Also, Here is a screenshot of her announcing that she got a job on LinkedIn.

Three Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is Not Getting Noticed

Today, I want to tell you about the three reasons why your LinkedIn Profile is not getting noticed:

Reasons #1 You are connected to the wrong people!

This is a common one.. On LinkedIn, you can get connected to ANY person in almost ANY company in the world..

And that’s where most people go wrong, they literally connect to ANY person in ANY company in the world…

Instead, you need to be strategic about it. You need to have a certain goal in mind and build your network to reach that goal.


The most common example is people use LinkedIn to look for jobs (which is not the only reason you should be using LinkedIn anyway!).

The people who look for a job should be picky with who they connect with. In other words, when you send a connection request to someone, you need to have a plan in mind of what you need to say to this person.

Hint: This person accepting the profile request doesn’t mean anything if you don’t interact with this person and ADD VALUE TO THEM

Reasons #2: Your Profile is not Optimized!

People don’t pay much attention to this one, although they should!

When someone uses certain keywords and search terms to look for candidates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn looks for the profiles that is ranked very well according to the keywords being searched for.

Example: If you go now and search for “CFO” in the search box, you will find this:

Here are the first few results I got…

For you to rank for the keyword: “CFO”, you need to make sure it’s mentioned in your LinkedIn profile as many times as possible (without sounding unprofessional or robotic!)

Action Step: Decide on 2-3 keywords you want to optimize your profile for and then start looking for places to place them in your profile.

Reasons #3: You are not pro-active on LinkedIn

I live by a simple rule: Dig your well before you are thirsty.

This saying tells that you should not ask for a job from a stranger after months of not checking LinkedIn just because “it was not needed”.


Instead, you need to be on the platform on daily basis connecting with professionals and finding new professionals to help and serve. These relationships are the reasons you will get your profile found on LinkedIn and get yourself a job that is worth it!

In Summary

There are a lot of mistakes that people fall into when using LinkedIn and I only mentioned the three that affects the job hunting process.

Now, it’s your turn! Go ahead and tell me about your experience on LinkedIn. Do you use it to find jobs only or do you use it on more consistent basis?

About Oday

I am a Dream Job Expert and a Career Coach. I helped dozens of clients go through the job search process and get results by networking, building relationships, building amazing marketing documents, nailing interviews, and many more 21st century techniques.

Check out my website to download my two free resources:

How to Prepare for a Management Job Interview?


Source: Pixabay

Interviewing for a management position is a lot different from interviewing for an entry-level or executive position. The interviewers focus majorly on a number of competencies a candidate possess, his/her leadership skills and experience rather than technical skills. The interviewer will ask you questions related to your past work experience and qualifications. S/he will judge you by the depth of your answers. So, avoid giving clichéd answers and talk more from your personal experiences. Showcase your soft skills in the best way possible while answering the questions put forward by the interviewer. Not only will you be able to answer with conviction but your confidence will speak volumes to the interviewer.

Everybody aspires to grab a managerial position someday but it is not an easy task given the fact that there are a lot of people who feel the same way. Hence, the competition gets tough. However, with a little preparation, you can succeed in creating a good impression on the job interviewer. Outlined below are few tips that will help you grab the interviewer’s attention:

  1. Identify the organization’s needs

The basic responsibilities of those in the managerial position are usually the same across industries. However, different employers may have different expectations from managerial candidates. For example, the employer’s expectations from a candidate may have more to do with improving the efficiency of each individual of the team by motivating them to work better. Identify the employer expectations and see whether or not you can deliver them. The best way to find out what a particular employer is looking for in a job candidate is by reading the job description carefully.

  1. Prepare answers to possible interview questions

The best thing about interviewing in the modern age technology is the availability of important information at just one click. The Internet is full of forums where people share their interview experiences with particular companies. Some even publish the list of interview questions asked during the interview. You can make use of such forums to get in touch with current employees working at the company you have an interview with and learn from their experience to ensure giving your best.

  1. Focus on your leadership skills

One of the most important skills employers look for in candidates appearing for a managerial role is the leadership skills. Hence, while answering the interviewer’s question, make sure that you demonstrate certain competencies such as:

  1. The ability to take decisions
  2. The ability to assign tasks and duties to team members
  3. The ability to motivate team members to work and perform better
  4. The ability to help team members develop more skills and grow as professionals
  5. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the team members and superiors


  1. Quote real life experiences

While hiring for a managerial role, employers prefer candidates who have some experience of managing a team or leading a project. That’s because then the employers know that the candidate would be able to manage the team or the project properly. To prove your managerial and leadership skills, you cannot simply state all the competencies you possess in a single statement. You have to back your skills with real life experiences. You can talk about the challenges you faced in your previous organization and how you overcame them. When you talk from your own experiences, you answer with more conviction and that never fails to impress the employers.

  1. Close on the right note

Closing the interview the right way is crucial for leaving a lasting impression on the interviewers and will ensure that they remember you even after the interview is done. The correct way to close the interview is to:

  1. Thank the interviewer for taking out time and for considering you for the role;
  2. Reiterate why you think you are a great fit for the role; and
  3. Show that you are genuinely interested in the job and look forward to hearing from the interviewer soon.

Creating a great impression is crucial for job interview success. Therefore, prepare thoroughly before you sit across the interviewer to land your dream management position.

All the best!

About Megha Raizada

Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portals. She has a keen interest in the global job market, but loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

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Soundlines HR Consultancy +971 4 453 9225 Upload CV
Source One +971 4 438 0950 Upload CV
SOS Recruitment +971 4 396 5600 Upload CV
SSA Middle East +971 4 325 5033 Upload CV
Styracorp +971 4 432 9777 Upload CV
Talent2 +971 4 343 9960 Upload CV
Ultimate HR solutions +971 4 343 3737 Upload CV
Al Vakil +971 4 262 9600 Upload CV
Wadi Jobs +971 4 332 8875 Upload CV

Is your recruitment agency missing from this list? Contact US at [email protected]

How to use advanced search to find a job in Dubai on Indeed (Part I)

Indeed Job in Dubai


How to use AND, OR and NOT to refine your search on Indeed

You’ve probably heard about, and its UAE version, As a job portal and job search engine, Indeed can be pretty helpful in helping you land the right job. But unless you’ve got some luck, you may be up to looking for hours and hours for that one opportunity.. !

Here’s a list of advanced search tips that will teach you how to use logical operators on Indeed to refine your search:

1. The homepage

When you get started and go to or, you usually end up on the homepage with a simple interface: on the left, you’ve got the what filter that specifies *something* (we’ll come to that later), and on the right, you’ve got the where filter, which specifies the location (for example, Dubai here).

Indeed Job in Dubai

2. The space between words (AND operator)

Now, here’s the important thing: when you type in some, such as “administrative assistant” in the what section, it’s going to implicitly add an AND logical operator, which means that it will look up for results that include BOTH terms (here, “administrative” and “assistant”). That means that it will give priority to “administrative assistant” before “administrative alone, or “assistant” alone. (See picture below)

AND logical operator

3. One of the terms, the other one or both! (the OR operator)

That being said, Indeed informs us that you can use the OR logical operator between your terms on this link. The OR logical operator will basically consider either of the terms (here, “administrative”, “assistant”) or both of them (so, it will work like AND in some cases). To make the OR logical operator work, you just have to put it between the two terms in caps, for example: administrative OR assistant (See picture below)

OR logical operator

BEWARE: When you use three terms, it will basically treat an OR expression (for example, “Sales OR Assistant”) on its own before matching it to the third term. What that means is that for example, if you write “Sales OR Assistant Executive”, it will behave like (Sales OR Assistant) AND Executive, looking up at Sales Executive and Assistant Executive. (See picture below)

AND OR logical operators


4. How to exclude specific results (the NOT operator)

Another great tool of the Indeed search engine is the NOT operator. It lets you exclude a term you don’t want to appear in your search. For example, if you’re not interested in Assistant positions, you can just exclude it: administrative NOT assistant (See picture below: first one has “Administrative Assistant” as its first result, and second doesn’t)

NOT operator

NOT operator


OK, guys, that’s all for today! 😉

See you soon in the next articles to discuss about more advanced search features of the Indeed search engine!

Samy Mkacher

Job Market in Dubai should be evaluated by smart employees

Smart employees will evaluate the job market in Dubai often
Smart employees will evaluate the job market in Dubai often

Smart employees will evaluate the job market in Dubai often

Smart employees will evaluate the job market in Dubai often
Employees should be discrete while looking for another job related to job market in dubai .
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This article will discuss the advantages, for those who are currently employed, of continuing to monitor the job market in Dubai. This article also will discuss the reasons for doing so discretely.

When job applicants finally are hired, they often breathe a sigh of relief and believe that now they can relax and concentrate on other things besides searching for a job. This attitude, however, can be counterproductive. Contract and part time jobs are increasing. This means that more of those who are in the workforce will be searching for new jobs more often than they are today.

Expecting to stay with a current employer for many years until retirement usually is not a realistic expectation. In some cases, this is not a good idea anyway. Thus, although searching for a job is not as pressing a need for a recently hired person, that person should not completely stop evaluating the job market. Such a person also should be alert for jobs that are opening up in the company in which the person is working.

Although the lack of job security is bad news, there also is good news. Many retirement benefits today are portable. Also, the person who holds many jobs over many years is more likely to have a broad spectrum of valuable training and experience than will the person who holds only one job for many years. This extra training and experience will be an advantage during a job search in Dubai . While holding their different jobs, employees should attempt to gain as much training and experience as possible from these jobs. Employees also should be serious about obtaining college and CLEP tests to enhance their qualifications.

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Although some employees stagnate in their jobs over many years, other employees go to the other extreme and become job hoppers. Changing jobs too often can make some potential employers feel that these job hoppers are either disloyal, or that they might soon be terminated because of poor performance. Because of the lack of job security today, however, a job applicant who was viewed as a job hopper in past will not always be viewed as a job hopper in today’s job market in Dubai . Also, the lack of security in today’s job market in Dubai does not inspire loyalty in employees. In general, however, most people will hold their jobs for longer periods of time late in their careers than they will earlier in their careers.

Current supervisors’ employee evaluations also will be important factors when these employees are looking for jobs. Employees should continue to do good jobs with their current employers when they are looking for new jobs.

A job searcher must conduct a discreet job search. A job searcher should tell potential employers not to check with their current employer for a reference unless the job searcher is seriously being considered for a job hire. Also, using the company phone, computer, and company time to search for jobs is risky. Some employees might even carelessly leave a resume in the copy machine or get a copy of a resume page caught inside of the copy machine. Employees sometimes have been fired for such actions, or have increased the chances that they will receive a bad reference from their current supervisor someday. In cases of layoffs, however, some employers expect employees to search for other jobs.

There can be many reasons for a job change. Employees who are considering a job change should consider it to be a serious undertaking, and they should take the time and effort to do so in such a way that the job change will be likely to benefit their long term career interests.


8 tips for a stand out resume to apply for job

8 tips for a stand out resume to apply for job
8 tips for a stand out resume to apply for job

What does your resume need to stand out?

Writing an eye-catching resume can be a daunting task for anyone entering the job market in UAE, USA or any other country these days. There are as many opinions about what or what not to include as there are jobs in companies available.Thousands of jobs in every area are available. Each of us presents a different profile to showcase; and therefore it is not a one- size-fits-all approach when creating a winning resume. There are some things you can do to insure yours is a stand out resume.

1. Go easy on the key words – For the past several years we have been told to stuff our resumes with searchable key words to insure we got a call back. Result, too many boilerplate resumes looking suspiciously overrated. I am not suggesting you ditch the key words altogether. Use moderation and be sure there is content to back them up.
2. Customized resume – This trend continues to be key to a successful job search. A customized resume forces you to think about what the employer really needs and how you will meet those needs. The employer views you as a problem solver.

Important : Apply on Latest jobs in UAE Here

3. Showcase your brand – Employers are eager to know what makes you unique, above and beyond the hundreds of other applicants applying. Your resume should call out what you are known for in your area of specialization.
4. ROI is key – Link your brand to your ROI. Hiring is expensive and employers want to be convinced that bringing you on board is a good investment. Include accomplishments that show how you saved or helped the company make money. If you can’t come up with monetary examples look for other ways to quantify such as process improvements, improved customer service or timesaving methods.
5. Make it mobile friendly – More and more of us are conducting business from our smart phones. HR is no exception. Test out your resume text to be sure it reads easily on your mobile phone.
6. Call out boxes – Encapsulate the most important information within a box border. These can be used to highlight your brand statement. They are effective in drawing the reader’s eye to key marketing messages. Be sure to use them sparingly!
7. Show don’t tell – Employers want to know what you have achieved and could care less about your laundry list of job responsibilities. Consider a separate section near the top of your resume entitled, ‘Career Highlights’ to showcase quantifiable achievements that demonstrate how you contributed to the bottom-line. Your resume should never read like a job description.
8. Resume etiquette – Before you update your resume be sure to check out this infographic, Do’s and Don’ts For A Modern Resume.

Steps to take after the job interview to get the job you want even when not hiring

Steps to take after the job interview to get the job you want even when not hiring
Steps to take after the job interview to get the job you want even when not hiring

Steps to take  after the job interview to get the job you want even when not hiring

You need a job, and you managed to get an interview. Now what? Career Coach, author and speaker Ford R. Myers has written a book,

Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring ,

to help take the mystery out of interview follow-ups. The author of Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring gives good advice. Ford R. Myers is the President of Career Potential, LLC. He helps clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and earn what they deserve.

According to John Wiley and Sons, there are ten top tips for post-interview success.

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Before the interview even begins, make yourself pro-active by determining what your follow-up strategy will be. By doing this before the interview, you will actually enhance your behavior during the interview.

Go into the interview with a consultant attitude, rather than the attitude of an applicant. Ask intelligent, probing and pertinent questions about the employer’s business needs, challenges, and problems. Bring along a notepad and pen so you will be able to write down the answers. These will be used later, when you follow up.

Use leverage from friends and acquaintances who have connections with those who influence the decision. Ask them to put in a good word for you after the interview.

Don’t be in a hurry to get that offer. The purpose of the first interview is to get invited back for a second interview with a higher-level executive.

Before you shake hands and part, confirm what the next step will be. Don’t be satisfied with comments like

“Thanks for coming here” or “We’ll let you know soon”.

Go to another one step above, and get commitment out of the employer as to what comes next.

Be prompt with your follow-up by sending out thank-you notes, but don’t settle for the generic card. Include specific references to each person you met with and mention something they said or contributed to the interview.

Be persistent without becoming a pest, using business etiquette in your regular follow-ups. Call and e-mail. Continue to express a  interest in the potential opportunity.

With every follow-up contact, use it as a chance to build your value. Don’t worry about bragging too much, but subtly include brief synopses of your accomplishments and how they directly relate to the company’s stated challenges. Format this in a side-by-side chart comparison or send actual samples of your work.

Accept rejections with grace. If that call, letter, or email arrives that they are not interested in you, move on.

Turn that defeat into triumph. Distinguish yourself from the other rejected applicants. After a rejection, send out a thank-you letter. Be polite and professional.

For more information and other useful tips for achieving career success, visit. Get the Job book’s siteor Career Potential, and receive a career book bonus.

Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena

Top and Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena image
Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena Image

Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE

UAE has become famous for its infrastructure tall buildings, Theme Parks, Expensive cars, Big Shopping malls and many others worth seeing things. The government of Dubai is also building these entire massive infrastructures because Dubai is going to host expo 2020 and this has led to increase in number of job in UAE and Mena Region. The increase in construction work and huge investment in UAE has increased the demand of workforce. People from all over the world are moving for career opportunities towards Dubai.

Despite high demand for professionals and Labours, they complain that they are not getting job in UAE . Employers are always looking for those candidates who are presentable, have enough command in work, excellent communication skills and they can enhance profitability & productivity of business. If Candidates don’t have such skills then they have less chance to get jobs in UAE

Following 5 career tips can enhance your chances to land on right jobs in Dubai. Almost every good website for jobs in Dubai suggests to do follow these tips to grab a good job.

  • Prior Research:

Jobs seekers are used to sending their resume/cv without doing prior research on company and industry. Prior research on company and industry can give you better insight and some new points that employer is looking for. Candidate can highlight those points in his cover letter or CV to impress an employer. Prior research on company and industry can also give information regarding jobs in that market. Prior Research also gives information about salary, growth in the industry, Government policies etc. This information will help a lot to candidates for their job hunt.

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  • Smart CV:

Most prominent mistake candidates do during job hunting is sending poorly designed cv. Cv is the only source that can give Land you at the interview table. CV is your sales letter or marketing brochure. If your cv can impress any person in 6-8 seconds then your cv is good. Recruiters are getting thousands of cv on daily basis so make your cv in such a way that recruiter wants to see. Update your cv according to the job description. Your cv should not be too lengthy. Remember a smart, clear, concise cv can increase the chances of job in UAE.

  • Social Presence:

Social Media is very helpful in job hunting. Social Media platforms which help the candidates are Facebook , LinkedIn & Twitter . Candidate should build a strong online presence as a professional on these platforms. Jobs seekers should join Professional group in their field on LinkedIn and Facebook. Regularly post something new in groups to help others and show your command in your education. Use Facebook and LinkedIn search bar to find jobs in your field. Plenty of low competition jobs can be found by using this technique.   Complete your Social Media profile as a professional and always show your contact detail so that potential Recruiter can contact you. Many opportunities will come to you automatically by using these techniques. Another thing that will help in your job hunting is to start blogging in your field and share on your social Media groups. It’s a long-term process of job hunting but it will help you a lot in future.

Best career tip for job n uae
Best career tip for job n uae
  • Networking:

Networking is the fastest way that can land you on interview table. Candidates, who have strong networking, usually have better job opportunities. Top tip for making the good connection is Meet the people with good gesture and discuss the positive things with people in your surroundings. Regularly follow up and meet those people. During job hunting in Dubai,UAE references help the candidate a lot more. Always build, grow and maintain references with good people around you. Try to make a strong connection with the decision makers in the company.

  • Follow Up:

Candidates who send their cv to any job mostly forget to follow up. The regular trend is sending cv on jobs in a newspaper or online website and keep waiting. The best way to apply on job  is always phone the HR person after sending cv to tell them that you have sent cv and ask whether they have received it or not. Then after 2-3 weeks send a reminder email to ask about your cv if HR person doesn’t respond you then call after some days. Many candidates get their job by using follow-up techniques.This can help you to find job in UAE .

Top Tip 

In the United Arab Emirates, Don’t Think About Quitting Your Job because a wrong selection of employer can bound you to work for him at least six months and before six months quitting the job can impose Ban on doing further Job in Dubai

Above 5 career tips are those tips that candidates should be aware of. These job hunting tips can increase the chances of job acquisition in UAE. Dubai is full of opportunities and jobs seekers can grab those opportunities by working in a smart way.






9 Things Nobody Told You about Working in Dubai

working in dubai dubai task
working in dubai dubai task

9 Things Nobody Told You about Working in Dubai

Working in Dubai has become a dream for every Dubai jobs seeker. Every professional in Dubai is looking for jobs in Dubai. Dubai is famous for business as well as for professional jobs. Thousands of jobs in Dubai are rising and people are getting high salary jobs easily. The trend of Working in Dubai is increasing due to many things. Why every job seekers do work in Dubai. Dubai has great benefit for expats working here. I did research and found that there are many things that you need to know while you think about working in Dubai. Finding work in Dubai can be a difficult part but if you are smart then you can easily find your work.

Here is list of things that you need to know for working in Dubai

High Competition for working in Dubai :

high competition in dubai on jobs for working in dubai
high competition in dubai on jobs for working in dubai

People comes here for working in Dubai because they heard from friends and family that getting jobs in Dubai is very easy. But facts are opposite. No Doubt there are many jobs but competition is also high even for one average vacancy more than 20,000 CVs are sent. Hot jobs are accounting jobs in Dubai and sales jobs in Dubai.

Saturated Talent:

When you are Dubai you heard that finding a job especially for a talented person is easy then you need to know that here professional from all over the world is coming so talent is already saturated you need to become smart to win jobs.

Jobs round the Year:

People who want to work in Dubai thinks that jobs are available around the whole year but the fact is there are some months like May, June, July is not good at all for gulf jobs search. Best Month is December, January.

High Salary at start:

working in dubai salary
working in dubai salary

One most important thing you need to know is about salaries in Dubai. Professionals in Dubai get a high salary but at the start, you need to start from the low. It is just a myth that people get a high salary in the start. If you are lucky then you will get a high salary but if you are not then you need to start from low salary to start a career in Dubai.

Jobs on visit visa:

jobs on visit visa for jobs in dubai
jobs on visit visa for jobs in dubai

Don’t do jobs in Dubai while you are on visit visa. If you caught while doing jobs on visit visa you will lose all chances of getting jobs in Dubai. It is possible that you face some fines or deport so always start jobs when you are on an employment visa.

Smart is Art:

People who are smart only those wins. Dubai is a place of opportunity if people are smart then they will get jobs in Dubai and enjoy working in Dubai if you are not smart then you can’t.

Mix Culture:

Dubai is the only place where people from all over the world comes to work and it is a higher chance that you have to live , work and walk with many other nationalities . If you enjoy this mixed culture then you have brighter chance to grow in your career

Language barrier:

English is a must for working in Dubai.Mix nationalities work and live so people have to interact with them in almost every hour. If you don’t know English then you can grow your career in Dubai. First, learn English or Arabic then come for jobs in Dubai here.

 Heat factor:

Weather is very hot in Dubai. 50 is the normal temperature in Dubai. If you want to work in Dubai you have to face such hot weather. Every mall and every office are air conditioned but outside it’s too hot that you can’t walk. A news of temperature in khaleej times tells rest of story.

All above 9 factors you need to know when you come to Dubai. Working in Dubai is fun and it’s a dream place with big infrastructure. If you are smart you will really enjoy your working in Dubai.


Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers?

Top online Gulf jobs websites scam

Facts of online Gulf jobs websites?

Can you find jobs on these websites?

Thousands of online Gulf jobs websites are available on internet. Every jobs website claims jobs Surety. Did you ever think that these websites really helpful for jobs or just time waster? If you are applying for jobs on these websites then you are wasting your time period and you will never receive any job interview calls.  I will tell you some important guidelines and checklist before you apply for jobs in gulf. Online Gulf jobs websites contains thousands of jobs and if you are smart then you can find fake websites and fake jobs within seconds and save your precious time.

I will quickly analyze some top websites and I will tell you some informational tips to recognize fake jobs.

Alert: Many people have started online Gulf jobs websites to fool common jobs seekers. They post fake jobs and people apply on those jobs. Once they applied they email them back for jobs interview. Once they comes for interview they select them easily by asking very easy questions. After that they ask for money to deposit so that they can arrange visa. Sometimes they promise them to payback your money. Once jobs seeker deposit money than they use jobs seeker time and your money is lost.

Top Tip: Never become part of such story. Never give money for jobs in Advance.

Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers
Can online Gulf jobs websites really gives Jobs to Jobs seekers

How to Identify Fake Recruitment Companies:

Online Gulf jobs websites have invented new trick to steal needy jobs seekers money. I am getting many messages on almost daily basis that jobs seekers lost their money in the hand of fake recruitment agencies in Dubai. I investigated and found that they get jobs seekers money in a very easy way.

How they Trap You?

Fake companies steal your money in a very easy way. They give a fake advertisement they you will get 100 % jobs. When jobs seekers apply on Fake Online Gulf jobs websites they send them very beautiful emails and calls them. They assure you that you will get jobs. They are so smart that common jobs seeker can easily trap into their net. They call you in his office and ask some money in advance. They give you money back guarantee also. They take your money and they don’t have so much jobs in hand so they arrange some fake interviews. These fake interviews build trust on jobs seekers.  They normally tells you that they will find jobs for you in next 3 month. Jobs seekers already have maximum 3 month visit visa. So they use your money and after 3 month you have to go back to your country when you ask them to return your money they tells you that they will send you money after one month in bank account so whole process takes almost more than 9 month.

They use their money for personal benefit for 9 month and after 9 month they returned you money after many hurdles. Some jobs seekers Fed up of such system and they forgive his money. Some jobs seeker who do resistance they will get money after long 9 month and at the end they don’t provides you any genuine jobs and your time is already wasted. Many jobs seekers falls into such Trap.

Quick Tip: Never Ever give money for jobs in Dubai advance. It’s illegal and fake.

How to Identify Fake jobs.

fake jobs
fake jobs

There are Many Online Gulf jobs websites who provides jobs but drawback is anyone can post jobs on such websites. So Many people post Fake Jobs. Most of classified websites face such issue. Those website who charge money for posting jobs they have less chances of fake jobs.

Fake jobs provides high salary than market salary. They provides high salary and demand very low educated or less experienced person for jobs. Another thing which they put in job description is very attractive Jobs Designation. Attractive Jobs Designation, High salary  more than market Salary , Easy Terms & condition , No or very less experience is required are the signs of Fake Jobs. Another sign of Fake jobs is they gives you extra benefit or they post jobs of USA, CANADA, UK etc on Online Gulf jobs websites.

Quick Tip: Never Apply on Fake Jobs it’s totally Waste of Time.

Some Trusted Websites & Quick Reviews:

Dubbizle :

Dubbizle is one of the trusted website in Gulf for jobs. Main reason of trust is that they charge money for jobs and only good companies post jobs on this websites. Fake Jobs are not posted on this website.

Khaleej Times:

Khaleej times is also one of the top place for jobs search. Khaleej times does not charge Money so some fake jobs poster post fake jobs. On the other hand many genuine post are also posted on this website.

Dubai Task: is also one of the trusted website in gulf. It provides free jobs in Dubai, Free EBooks, Free job hunting Data and many other resources. It is also free classified website but because of moderators very less fake jobs are posted. More than 90 % jobs are real.

Bayt :

Bayt charges money for posting jobs so only genuine Head hunters use this website. Ratio of fake jobs is almost nil.

Indeed :

Indeed is also one of the best website but fake jobs poster can post jobs because of less moderation. Ratio of fake jobs posting is less.

Monster Gulf:

Monster Gulf is also one of the trusted website. Ratio of fake jobs is very less on this website.

Gulf Jobs :

Naukri Gulf is also a very good website and it also provides only genuine jobs.

Above are the only websites that provides good genuine jobs and ratio of fake jobs is very less. Other than these website majority are posting fake jobs or they don’t have any updated jobs.

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This Article is written by UMAR Arshad . This Article is based on personal experience. This article is sole property of . Content of this article cannot be copied at any cost.