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Skills that can secure your careers in Dubai

Dubai Jobs May 30, 2016

skills-can-secure-careers in dubai

Skills that can secure your careers in Dubai

Skills that can secure your careers in Dubai

Skills that can secure your careers in Dubai

Careers in Dubai are always a Dream of every educated professional. Dubai is luxury place in the world and demand of professionals are increasing day by day. People complains that they cannot secure jobs in Dubai .The reason behind not getting jobs in UAE is people don’t have some essential skills that can secure their careers in Dubai.

Today I will tell you some essential skills that can secure your careers in Dubai easily. These skills are required by almost every employer. Before applying for jobs in Gulf you need to learn these skills.

Technology (Microsoft Office)

microsoft Excel

microsoft Excel

Technology is vital part of almost every office. Dubai is famous due to infrastructure and technology. The candidate who will have hands on experience on technology like use of computer, use of internet , The most important use of Microsoft Office will always be given preference. To secure careers in Dubai one must learn and practice these useful technologies.


Any candidate who is not aware of these things can easily Google these terms and learn from internet. You can learn MS OFFICE from here given link easily.


Communication skills

dubai task communication skills

dubai task communication skills

Employer always feels comfortable with those candidates who can speak well. Communication skills include, Reading, writing and listening. The candidate who has good command in communication skill can easily land at any job. Careers in Dubai are not difficult if you have communication skills.


Top Tip to secure careers in Dubai with the help communication skills is always back the comments of teller. For example if someone is saying he is not good. Then pick the word from his sentence and show interest like ask Not Good?

Team work

team work dubai task

team work dubai task

Teamwork is being practice almost in all over UAE. Each person have to do work as a member of team work. How you can handle during the conflict and how good you are in Team. Learn the do and don’t of work with team. If you have worked with team earlier then you can easily secure job in Dubai.


If you feel anything bad during teamwork then don’t take it personal. Be transparent. If you have any conflict tells openly with solution.





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Quick Learning

dubai task quick learning

dubai task quick learning

Every job has something new to learn. The person who will show interest in quick learning and easily adopt new thing then he can secure jobs easily. Employers want that employee should be quick learner. Think from the employer prospective. If you are able to tell employers that you are good learner then congrats you have successfully secure your job in UAE.


Quick learning cannot learnt but process of quick learning can be increased. If you want to learn something new in very short period of time then first thing is plan in a systematic way. Focus on learning the basics first.


Time Management

Time Management is also a very important skill that every employer wants in his employees. careers in Dubai can be secured if you have good time management skills. Employer will start checking your time management when you arrive at interview place. How you speak and how you conclude your talk in short period also shows your perfect timing. Time Management is also most ignored skills by candidates.


Wear a professional watch and go to interview place just before 5 minutes and don’t be late. Conclude your talk with interviewer in short time but conclude everything.


Flexibility can show your soft skills. Soft skills can increase your chances of careers in Dubai. If you are able to tell employer that you are flexible then you got more points.  Flexibility can be in the form of” are able to work on different location, position etc.” are you able to wear different uniform on different days.


Show your maximum flexibility.


Confidence can be easily judge from your way of talking, way of walk and your body language. If your body is shaking and you are shy, you cannot speak in good volume then you are nor confident . you have lose your chances of careers in Dubai. Whatever you are and whatever you have be honest and tell openly what you have and what you do.


Walk with good stable steps. Speak in stable volume. Don’t shake your body when you are sitting in front of employers. Never ever shy. Keep in mind maximum employer will not give you job but show your positivity and confidence in everything. Believe me you will secure you careers in Dubai easily.

Decision Making:

A good decision maker is one who has ready to answer everything. If nobody is with him he can easily take decision with confidence and take responsibility. Decision making skills can be judged during interview so be ready for every unusual question.


Always think like you are owner of business and take the decision on the spot.


Creativity is also very most demanding skills now a days. Dubai is already famous due to creative things like tallest building, Police in expensive cars , largest mall etc. so when you are coming to Dubai for job become creative leave the old way of thinking think from your creative mind. Show your creative skills to employers.


There are two ways one is normal and other is creative. Always think from both side and try to become creative.

Commercial Awareness:

Commercial awareness is skill that almost every business owner likes. It does not matter on which position you are working or you will work. If you are in IT field but you should have commercial awareness. Commercial awareness shows to owner that you are taking interest in company and you have better insight of business. Some time only this skill can secure your job on top level.


Always take commercial updates of the business for which you are going to interview. Read Newspaper Regularly.

Careers in Dubai can easily secure by any one if candidates have above skills. Above skills have become essential skills that can land any candidates to a good position in a company. Try to learn and practice above skills for better careers in Dubai.

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